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7 Card Stud

In Seven-card stud, all players, unlike Texas or Omaha, have ti punt an ante to enter the game. Each player begins with two face down and one card face up, after the first round of betting. Thereafter a fourth, fifth and sixth card will open, each followed by a betting round, dealt. The seventh card is dealt face down again and followed by a final round of betting. Finally, each player chooses his seven cards (three face down, four open) of five cards that represent his final hand. The best hand wins the previously made ​​bets.

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You can also as Seven Card Stud High / Low game variant. It is not only the best hand wins the pot, but also the lowest hand. For a hand is considered to be low, all 5 cards below are the nine (Example :: Ax: 2x: 4x: 5x 6x). With several low-hands hand, 4 wins with the lowest value to the highest cards. Are the same highest card, the second highest card is compared both sheets etc. An example :: 2x: 4x: 5x: 6x: 7x suggests: Ax: 2x 4x 6x 8x and: Ax: 2x: 3x: 6x 8x suggests: Ax: 2x: 4x: 7x 8x.

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