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You can win big on an American Lottery from anywhere in the world!

Powerball is a sensation in the United States because it can make anybody who buys a ticket an instant millionaire. In 2006 the jackpot reached an unprecedented 1.4 billion dollars and people were buying tickets like crazy. But the question is, can a person living in a foreign country hit the grand prize in an American online lottery? The simple answer is yes, as long as you pay the prize of the ticket you are eligible to collect the prize, but as always, there are some restrictions.

We are starting with the obvious, to win a Lotto, be it Powerball or Mega Mega Millions, you need to buy the ticket from an authorized dealer and then hit the six winning numbers. These dealers and their respective terminals are localized inside US territory, which means that you need to be physically present in the country. But technology has made it possible for us dreamers in other countries to have a shot at the lotto and the answer is to buy lotto tickets online.

There are multiple online agents that manage a sort if resale of lotto tickets, after you pay them their respective fee of course. People from Canada and states within the USA that don’t have access to ticket sales use these type of websites. Sometimes the demand for tickets is so high that they shut down the sale completely. Everybody wants a crack at the jackpot, and that only helps it grow in prizes and popularity.

If you want proof that the dream is possible, look up the story about an Iraqi citizen who bought a lotto ticket online and claims to have won over six million dollars. The strangest part of the tale is that he has never set a foot on American soil. The sale of the ticket qualified as legal and the winner got his first payment of over two hundred thousand dollars. He chose to receive his prize over thirty years to keep most of his winnings intact.

Just think about it for a second, you live in a foreign country, probably on the other side of the world, you buy a lotto ticket online and in a matter of seconds you’ve become a millionaire. It is all possible, you just need to play in an authorized distributor and wait for the day of the draw. Even if you are tourist in the US you can still buy a ticket, but not all of us are lucky enough to travel on a holiday vacation.

According to the spokesperson of a famous casino in Louisiana, the loss of revenues was estimated to be about $70 million after putting the smoking ban. The health department pledged to make the air cleaner for the residents insist that the casinos should make the fitness of the employees and the non-smoking visitors a priority, and believe that blaming the smoking ban for losing on revenues is an unsubstantiated fact. It still needs more probe and better presentation of facts.
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