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Top 10 football bets 2014

The year 2014 will be special for sports betting. We have the world cup in Brazil where many strong national teams will play for the title which are offered for football betting online. In the Champions league Bayern Munich will try to defend the title but there are many strong competitors like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Chelsea. Last year Chelsea won the UEFA Europa League but this year many good teams will fight for the trophy and there are many favorite teams to bet on them. Juventus Torino, Fiorentina and Valencia belong to the favorite teams and many bets will place on these teams.

But on on national leagues there are many exciting teams to bet. In the English Premier league, many teams are candiadates for the title some of them are Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arseanal and we can expect very exciting matches. In the italian Serie A the teams Juventus, Roma and Napoli are the favorites for the championship and are offered for betting. In Spain Barcelona is the big favorite for the title but Athletico Madrid and Real Madrid have some chanced to catch the title. It is very interesting to watch the fights for the UEFA Europa League places. In England strong teams like Manchester United and Tottenham didn't start well in the season and at the end it will be shown if they can reach a place for the Champions League or Europa League qualification.

For betting you can find some other interesting betting oppurtunties. In the dutch league we see a very agressive football with many goals. So it is very recommended to select matches for over 2.5 or over 3.5 goals and bet on them. The same happened in the german Bundesliga. The fast and agressive game promise many goals and good oppurtunities for betting on many goals. A very popular kind of betting is to bet on the goal scorers and there are some players who are able to score in the most of the matches. To these players belong Lewandowski from Borussia Dortmund, Christiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid and Lionel Messi from Barcelona. As we can see there are many oppurtunities for betting in the year 2014.

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