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How to Formulate Successful Winning Accumulator Bets

To a newbie punter forming successful accumulator bets might seem like one of the dark arts, but in reality, it holds no secrets there are no secret formulae handed down over the generations, there are no programs that work reliably on any consistent basis. An experienced, successful punter base their betting on a number of key areas which we will address in a fair amount of detail. These areas are as follows:

1. Knowledge of the chosen sports
2. Invest time in performing research on each bet
3. Finding the required stats to verify your selection
4. Establishing a clear goal of what you want to achieve with each bet

Unless you are already have extensive knowledge on each of your chosen sports types, it will be the only field requiring a fair amount of time to familiarise yourself with.

Time Investment

As I stated above, unless you’re already a rules and stats fundi in your sport you need to prepare yourself to spend the required amount of time to thoroughly familiarise yourself with each sport you wish to bet on. You need to spend time studying the bookmaker’s terms and conditions governing each sport you’re interested in, although possessing numerous similarities they vary significantly between different bookmakers, you need to know your bookmaker’s rules. If you are not willing or do not have the time available to do either of the above stop reading this is not for you!

After acquiring and accumulating the above knowledge, you are ready to apply the following steps, which commonly provides much more pleasant reading material.

1. Thoroughly familiarise yourself with the day’s fixtures, start early in the day to ensure you have sufficient time to place your chosen accas on that evening’s fixtures. Once you’ve made your selections, you must take another closer look as the starting of an event nears. Teams would have made a news release, and bookmaker price fluctuations should have settled.

2. Narrow down the tournaments you prefer betting on, see which events occur that evening, but don’t limit yourself to just one tournament, team, or event. Follow a variety of tournaments and events.

3. Decide what you wish to achieve with each of your bets, decide if the event/team/tournament warrants an acca or should you just place a double or treble at odds of 6.00. If numerous events take place on any given day be sure to get in a 4-fold or more paying odds of 20.00 or better.

4. Instead of working through all the day’s fixtures attempt to first highlight events you know will most likely offer good betting opportunities and odds. As you gain more in-depth knowledge of the sport, you will most like recognise likely opportunities without having to grind through the whole day’s events.

5. This is the stage in the process you should spend most of your actual acca compilation time on. Back-up the accuracy of your initial selections by carefully scrutinising the stats, prime affiliate sports betting sites such as Betenemy prove an excellent source to find leading bookmakers and specialist stat sites that provide the necessary information.

6. Determine the stake you wish to invest, never over invest unless you are certain your selections are rock solid.

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