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A Simple Mind Trick to Help You Pick a Winner

When you’re betting on sports (or anything else for that matter), do you get frustrated because you just can’t seem to ever pick the right wager? It starts to get into your head and the next wager you place you go back and forth, questioning yourself. Ultimately you might go with your ‘gut,’ even though it’s been wrong more than it’s been right most of your life.

Or you decide to play the ‘favorite.’ Unfortunately, at least lately, you’re falling further and further behind. You’ve been trying to shake off this ‘bad luck’ but nothing’s working.

Guess what? You might be falling into the common psychological trap so many other betters face (not just once, but many times through the years). You’re too deep into your own head and it’s causing you to get away from the basics that helped you be successful in the past.

While there are plenty of grand national tips about how to place wagers and improve your odds, knowing where to bet is also key, and you might check out TheCasinoDB for a list of some of the best sites.

What happens to so many professional athletes?
You might be feeling as though this is only happening to you right now, but it’s not. Even the best athletes -the most seasoned pros who have worked tirelessly on their mental and physical game- slip down this slope from time to time. For some, it can end their career.

For example, in golf, even one of the best players at any given time, who seems like he can do no wrong on the course, suddenly falls out of the top 10, then the top 100, then you rarely hear about him anymore. Every time he stepped up to the tee or hovered over a putt he kept doubting himself. Then he overcompensates. Then he no longer has any control over what happens.

That’s what happens to many gamblers, too. They start doubting themselves. They start overthinking the situation. They learn to rely too heavily on stats rather than wins and losses.

Has that happened to you lately? Have you begun to worry about the forward’s stats on the last ten games of the football league? Have you thought too much about inconsistency with the goaltender?

Get back to the basics.
As we are flooded with more and more information across a wealth of betting sites, sports analysts, and more, we begin to get confused. We understand the information, but how does it really pertain to on field performance?

Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t. That’s the major problem and you begin to try making betting decision using too much information. Sometimes you just have to break it down to the basics.

Who has the better record? Will weather affect the outcome? How potent is the offense or defense? Are there personality issues causing strife in the clubhouse? Who has home field advantage? Does that really make a difference for these teams?

When you bring things back to their basics, you’ll regain the thrill you had early on and you know what else? You’ll begin winning more once again.
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