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How to Correctly Place Accumulator Bets

Even if unasked, the most commonly misunderstood matter requiring clarification is where to start and what should I consider to begin placing successful accumulator bets. It may seem a simplistic question, and the solution might seem a foregone conclusion to experienced punters having spent a great part of their lives compiling accas. However, it remains one of the most intimidating parts for any first-timer in compiling their initial accumulator, where to start, what to consider and look out for!

Where Should I Start

Firstly, you need to open an account at a reputable bookmaker and which bookmaker/s you select will depend on what type of sports or sports market is most of interest to you personally, never take advice on what to bet on it must be your decision. It does not necessarily mean you have to be passionate about the sport, it simply means it should certainly be a sports type that offers a healthy number of betting opportunities yet interests you enough that you know the sport in a fairly detailed way and still don’t bore you to death while compiling your acca.

Deciding what sporting types you would prefer to bet on when starting your learning process and betting journey on is crucial since it will determine which bookmaker you would most likely want to open your first account with. Choosing the sportsbook/bookmaker that suits you best will depend on your answer to the above question since bookmakers tend to specialise more in certain sports markets and subsequently offer more markets, more betting opportunities, and improved odds in those areas.

Simply put, in order to select the correct bookmaker, you first need to know what you require from the particular bookmaker and then determine which bookmaker meets your specific needs best. Newbies having to make the crucial decision of which bookmaker to choose as a future betting partner would be well advised if they started their search via one of the bookmaking world’s premier sources of insider information. One such goldmine of essential information is Efirbet, an affiliate site known for producing a multitude of expert, unbiased reviews on all things sports betting/bookmaking related, with many interesting writings on where to find the best promotional bonuses and special offers, they provide individual scores rating many online bookmakers and their associated casino products.

Making Good Selections

The most crucial part of compiling a successful accumulator is deciding on your selections. Essentially, they are the only solution or obstacle standing between you and walking away with a notable lump of dosh in your wallet or losing the shirt off your back.

Making the correct selection is also the most difficult aspect of any bet, especially so in an accumulator since you need each of your selections to win before you start making any profit to speak of. In my writings further down the page, I elucidate in far greater detail on this most important aspect; How to Construct Winning Accumulators.

Please take note; a bookmaker only deems a bet to be an accumulator if you’ve made several selections for each bet, strictly speaking, each accumulator bet must contain four or more selections, punters commonly refer to bets containing two or three selections as doubles or trebles, respectively.

Attempting to explain how to complete betslips in detail would be a fruitless exercise since each bookmaker requires slightly differing processes and procedures. However, just to cover the basic procedure after finalising your selections, add them to your betslip, an automatic process will then calculate their combined odds where-after all that remains is for you to enter your preferred stake value and select the “Place Bet” button on the betslip.

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