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How to Construct Winning Accumulators

Without the correct approach, structure, and knowledge it is nearly as likely for a punter to win the UK lottery as it is likely to win big on accumulator bets. However, applying the basic principles correctly will result in a regular, handsome, form of additional income. In our discussion below, we will attempt to clarify and explain the process and principles of successfully structuring a winning accumulator.

First - The Don’ts:

Barca might be 7/1 to defeat Valencia but adding it to your multiple would be a mistake if the result does not pan out as you envisaged, your acca sunk before it even got off the ground. In such cases, if you feel really strongly about the matter place a single bet.

Avoid Backing Your Favourite Team

Unless it is a sure-fire thing, it causes you to make decisions based on your emotions instead of taking an objective (unbiased) overall view of the possibilities and potential outcomes. Likewise, never include England in your acca, the English, especially so with their football fans, are an extremely patriotic bunch, and tons of their football punted monies drive the price down. This always results in near zero value if you back the three lions and as of late their club team performance is of little help either.

Avoid Backing Draws

Prices on draws are pretty appealing, however depending on consistent luck is not a strategy, and you require lots of it if you regularly back draws and want to keep winning on a regular basis. Never include draws in a main accumulator rather create a draw treble specifically for this purpose when you’re feeling really lucky.

The Must Do’s

Best Bookmaker Prices & Offers

Currently, due to the fierce competition amongst online bookies, punters are spoilt for choice when it comes to enhanced accas, price boosted accas, and special bonus offers specifically targeting accumulator bettors. To make the most of these always remain on the lookout at prime betting affiliates like Nostrabet, they know and list all the best sports betting bookmakers and continually search for, and keep a lookout, for the latest and best offers. They also offer straight-up honest, expert industry-insider reviews on many bookmaking sites, evaluate, and rate their bonus offerings, feature interesting insights on the latest events and news in the industry. In short, they provide the quickest way to find everything you need.

Find the Best Value

Punters wanting to realise that extra margin of profit in their accas should always be on the lookout for events offering 2/1 when it should be offering evens, definitely include any such opportunities you discover. These add extra value, confirming your strategy to realising a substantial long-term profit.

Consider Home Wins

Approximately 48% of football matches played on home turf ends in a win, this instantly elevates your odds of achieving a winning selection for your acca.

Include Stats and Tables

Any punter worth their salt use stats and form tables to further narrow down the options on their shortlist. Stats can provide real eye-openers, alerting you to possibilities you’ve never before considered. Reflect on this; punters generally avoid, a top-tier team that may be having a tough season while floating around the bottom of their league, like the plague. However, they might just have established an impeccable home turf record, so their home matches offer repeated opportunities for placing great bets at even greater odds.

Consider Alternative Markets

Most punters tend to stick with what they know and feel comfortable with, take a step back and see there are tons of good betting opportunities in other markets. You simply have to familiarise yourself with the market look for additional great opportunities using the techniques you just learnt. You will discover a vast diversity of betting opportunities in markets you never imagined you would take a look at before.

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