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Casino and Gambling Sites that do not require a Credit Card!

If you are looking to try out your hands at different casino and gambling games like gambling, roulette,  silver blackjack or Poker but could not do so because most of them ask for a CC, then read this article and find some cool gambling sites that provides an alternative to CC.

Gambling sites that take PayPal

Paying for gambling games online has never been easier. There are many different options that you can choose from, but as more people begin to use these sites, we should really be wondering if our payment methods are actually safe?

For many years, people have used their credit and bankcards to pay for purchases. It is nice and convenient, knowing that you can pick up the telephone and make a payment for an order over the phone, or send your card details with a mail order catalogue and even use online checkouts to pay for your online transactions. We all know however that these payment methods are also often subject to fraudsters and criminals who hack into computers, provide fake telephone order numbers and even intercept land mail to get people's details. Fraud can take years to stop and your details can be sold on to further criminals making your life a misery.

All this can be true for online gambling sites. With so many new gambling sites popping up each year, how can you tell which of the sites are fake and which are secure and safe to use? Even if the site is secure and trustworthy, how can you prevent people that hack into the gambling company's server from stealing your bank details? The simple answer to this is to use a service where you don't have to enter your bank details - ever. Well, not quite ever, but you certainly won't need to share your details with the gambling sites. Look out for gambling sites that take PayPal.

PayPal is a great and secure money management service. It is well established and the company has spent thousands on ensuring the safety of its customer's details. If you already have a PayPal account, then you probably know how easy it is to use. You can simply provide your email address and PayPal password to any gambling sites that take PayPal, and then the company is paid by PayPal themselves. The most information that you will need to share on a PayPal payment service is your name and address.

There are many gambling sites that take PayPal. You will be able to both make deposits and be paid any prizes that you win via PayPal so you know that it will be completely secure throughout your entire experience with the site.

If you choose paddy power gambling, you will get a 200% bonus when you sign up and continue to get bonuses as you play too. The site Sitwell laid out and this is one of the best ones that accepts PayPal as a payment option to its users.

Ladbrokes is another such site that allows you to play gambling with deposits from PayPal. It is one of the more secure gambling sites out there as Ladbrokes has been trading as a betting agency for a number of years, and has had a few years of experience providing a secure online gambling experience to its payers.

There are many other gambling sites that take PayPal too and all you have to do is simply search online to find hundreds waiting for you to sign up.

Gambling without using a credit card

Whilst the internet can be a great place to play online gambling games with the chance of winning big money from the jackpots, there is always the risk of sacrificing your credit card details to an online criminal who could damage your credit record and result in big bills for you if someone gets unauthorized access to your bank details. The best way to avoid this is to try Playing Gambling without using a credit card.

UKash is the way to pay if you don’t want to use your credit or bankcard at all. You can pay cash towards an UKash voucher at many high street stores and you will get a number, which will allow you to redeem your UKash voucher. Whilst you can use UKash for payment for many things online, gambling is one of the most prevalent applications of the method. You can play on sites such as The Sun Gambling and Wink Gambling by using UKash vouchers.

If you already use PayPal to pay for transactions online, you can use this on many of the online gambling sites. You won’t need to use your credit card to pay the deposits on the online gambling sites, but instead you will only need to use your PayPal email address to tell the gambling site which account to use. You will need to ensure that you have cash available in your PayPal account, but this can be either virtual money for example from online sales, or you could use your bank information.

Although you can make deposits to play the online gambling games, it is far easier to try Playing Gambling without using a credit card when you take advantage of the gambling site’s no deposit bonuses. There are many online gambling sites that offer their new users free gambling money to use even if they don’t make a deposit for themselves. You are under no obligation to make any payments following this, but you will still be able to win the jackpot and take any prize when you are using the no deposit bonus. If you sign up with Jackpot City Gambling, you will be able to get £25 as your no deposit bonus to play with. This can amount to many tickets when you consider that most of the games only cost a few pennies to play. Other sites offer anything between £5 and £30 and you will be able to use the site as if you were a full paying member.

The final way that you can enjoy Playing Gambling without using a credit card is to take advantage of the free games that you can play. Red bus gambling lets you play for free every day for the chance to win £1000. There are also other sites such as costagambling which let you play for free all of the time. Costa gambling is quite a busy site, so you will find that all the free gambling rooms are often very full, which can lower your chances of winning, but when you are playing for free, it doesn’t matter.
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